Beloved Music, Sacred Land is a cultural love story, cinematic poem woven from the music, images, and wisdom of the 11,000 year-old culture of Vietnam. Spanning the genres of travelogue, biopic and art film, this personal, beautiful documentary is a journey bigger than itself, an intimate look at the life of a master set in a country of breathtaking wonder.

As memorable and moving as Khánh himself, the full Beloved Music, Sacred Land feature will introduce his family, whose equally evocative spiritual connections to Vietnam through healing and the martial arts offer an insightful context and compliment for Khánh’s musical mastery.

Your donation to this project gives a chance to change more than the life of its subject or audience; a chance to enlighten the world.

About the Filmmakers

Jane Coyle, Founder of The Vietnam Fund for Education Music and Infrastructure

Jane’s deep love and respect for the people from this dynamic and beautiful country, coupled with her passion for helping to improve the lives of many suffering war trauma, illness, and poverty, has inspired her work on 30 years of humanitarian projects. To learn more about her work with school library, water sanitation and education programs, benefiting orphan and minority children in Kontum Province, visit vietnamemifund.org.


John Golden, Director and Producer

John Golden has decades of experience as a filmmaker. He graduated from the American Film Institute as a Directing Fellow and wrote for most of the major US studios as a screenwriter, director, and producer. He worked on feature films and documentaries around the world for studios and organizations such as CBS, A&E, The History Channel, and The World Bank. John is a member of  both The Writers Guild and The Directors Guild.


Lubosh Cech, Cinematographer

Lubosh is a visual artist working as a graphic designer, filmmaker, painter, photographer and branding consultant. Born in Prague, Czech Republic, he is classically educated in studio art and art history. As a long-time meditator, Lubosh believes that cultivating Consciousness and Beauty benefits everyone's life. Visit luboshcech.com to see more of his work.


Stacey Stahl, Owner of The Image Mavericks

While her nine-year-old friends were begging their parents for a pony, Stacey Stahl was developing detailed business plans and feverishly jotting them down in her “dream book.” She has been turning dreams into reality ever since, lending her vision to everyone from the coffee cart down the street to companies with international reach. Stacey’s imagination melds with years of entrepreneurial experience, in fields ranging from boutique flower arrangement to voiceover and radio production. A showcase of her recent projects can be found at theimagemavericks.com.


Rachel Wirtz, Copy Writer at The Image Mavericks

Rachel’s interest in filmmaking metamorphosed into a passion for the written word late in her pursuit of a degree in Cinema Studies from Ohio’s Oberlin College. Upon graduating, she had the good fortune to find encouragement and a career in copy writing at Creative Entertainment Management, and happily followed Stacey as she launched The Image Mavericks in 2013. Visit theimagemavericks.com to learn more.


Mark Moore is a music producer, designer, writer, and eco-social entrepreneur. He is the founder and chairperson of the Earthville Network, a global charitable organization dedicated to sustainable and compassionate living, and its arts branch, Earthville Arts. He divides his time between the Himalayas, the Alps, and the Rockies, and is now joyfully working to establish an eco-friendly service retreat center and sustainable village development project in the Indian Himalayas.


Nguyen Nha Duc, cousin of the legendary Vietnamese musician Nguyen Ngoc Khánh, was born into a family with a long tradition of devotion to education and the arts.

After graduating from the Foreign Language University in Hanoi, Duc went on to study at the Hanoi University for Foreign Trade in 1985. Upon graduation he took a position working for a state-owned company dealing in essential oils. In 1993 Duc was invited to study in England by a British Investment Group and the British Department of Trade. Later he worked as a representative for that Investment Group in Hanoi. At present, he is employed by a Taiwanese Company in Hanoi.

Duc’s devotion to and interest in the legacy of his family as well as his country, led him to become involved with the Vietnam Fund for Education, Music & Infrastructure’s traditional music and film project. This tribute project that includes an audio CD compilation and documentary film, is based on the powerful story of the music and artistry of Duc’s family, and cousin Nguyen Ngoc Khánh.

His sensitivity to both the Vietnamese and American aesthetics, along with his excellent language skills, made him a perfect liaison and translator for both the film and music projects.



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